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The Kalgoorlie Hotel stands proudly on Hannan Street directly opposite the Kalgoorlie Town Hall. It was built in 1897 and is one of the oldest buildings in Kalgoorlie. It is a magnificent two-storey building with large balconies for those who want to venture upstairs and experience the sweeping views of Kalgoorlie and amazing colourful sunsets in the evening.


The Hotel was extensively renovated in the 90’s and most of the upstairs rooms were removed to make way for a modern stylish bar and function room facility. Recently named the Balcony Bar & Bistro this area opens from 5:30pm for sunset food and drinks.


Downstairs is a large bistro area capable of seating one hundred diners. Along the wall is a mural of Kalgoorlie by Narva Studio. The view from Karlkurla Bushland Park looking back towards the Super Pit and the headframes in the skyline.

A lot of our guests like to socialize in the beautiful Beer Garden with it's manicured plants, stylish outdoor furniture and a friendly relaxed atmosphere. There is also plenty for the sports-minded punter with pool tables, shooting gallery, race cars and sports playing televisions to entertain you while you partake in an icy cold ale or any beverage of your choice.

The Kalgoorlie Hotel is a grand old establishment which caters for families and customers of all ages with its friendly relaxed atmosphere, excellent tasty and varied menu, or late at night with a band and a safe party atmosphere.

Jennifer and Craig are your licensees and look forward to meeting and spending time with customers within their hotel.

Name Changed

The Hotel was built in 1897; four years after Paddy Hannan discovered gold just 800m away. It was named the Kalgoorlie Hotel. In the early 1960's a timber cutter named Judd Marney purchased the Hotel. Judd was a hard man and a great publican; he was always in his hotel. As his reputation grew so did the unofficial name of 'Judd's' Hotel. The Hotel has been known as Judd's since then which is a testament to the strength of his character.

When Craig and Jennifer Alderdice purchased the Hotel in 2012 they wanted to revert the name back to the Kalgoorlie Hotel simply because they are proud of the fact that they own the "Kalgoorlie Hotel". It is the only one in the World and is a great representation for the city of Kalgoorlie.

A lot of people still refer to the hotel as Judd's and that's fine because it is an indelible part of its history.

Icy Cold Beer



Pictured is just some of our selection of ICY COLD BEERS. Kalgoorlie Hotel has been serving ICY COLD BEER since 1897 because it gets hot here in the summer and after a hard day in the sun people need an ICY COLD BEER!

We also serve Wine, Spirits and Cocktails. But sorry no tea or coffee. . See our Drinks Menu




Local designer Catherine from Narva Studio has hand painted an Art Nouveau style mural named Thirsty Work in Kalgoorlie. The mural is situated on the brick wall leading out to the Beer Garden.


The inside mural has a beautiful woman holding a Corona and in the Beer Garden is a big pink Galah landing on a Corona. Green gum leaves with a red dirt landscape are typical in Kalgoorlie. So are the Beers...

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